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🍻🤩🤩🥰GIRLS NIGHT OUT 🤩🥰🥰🍻We have a few tickets left for our GIRLS NIGHT OUT with Marius Grønkjær 🎸🎸 🍾Welcome bubbles, 2 course menu and music only 395,- 🎯Sign up by SMS to Tina tel 81888707. FEW TICKETS LEFT 📞📞📞📞
Come and spend summer with us ☀️ Take off your shoes and feel the warm sand between your toes, jump into the water from the jetty, experience our beautiful island by bike - We promise you wide morning smiles every single day and soon we will unveil the summer POP-UP SNIGBAR 🍻🍷🌴#læsø #visitlæsø #guesthouselæsø #overnight #holiday #nordjylland #visitnordjylland #destinationnord
🌧️🌧️ Borrow rubber boots 🌧️🌧️Hvis If you, like me, are SUPER weather optimists, you may leave home without rubber boots 🥾☔️🥾 We have bought a batch of rubber boots that you can borrow while you are here at GuestHouse 😍😍😍 They are in the laundry room ☺️☺️ Remember we also have umbrellas ☔️ GOOD WEEKEND 😍#læsø #guesthouselæsø #rainy weather #holiday #rubber boots #lacrosse #summer vacation @visitlaesoe @enjoynordjylland @droemmesteder
☀️Here☀️😍 on Læsø we enjoy the sun, the warm bathing water and all the activities you can participate in around the island ♀️🏄🍰🏌️ If you have not yet booked a summer holiday, take an extra look at our website 😍 ☀️⚡️🌩️The weather is not our control, but our previous guests say about us; 🩵 "The BEST place" 🩵 "Cozy, functional, lovely" 🩵 "Cute, hospitable girls" Come and rate ☺️ #læsø #guesthouselæsø #drømmesteder #guesthouse #ferie #nordjylland @enjoynordjylland @visitlaesoe
🌼GUESTBOOK🌼 In our reception, the guestbook is ready for a greeting 🖊️ We are so happy when you take the time to give us feedback 😍😍 Thank you for #læsø #visitlæsø #overnatninglæsø #overnatning #ferie #sommerferie #drømmesteder #guesthouselæsø #guesthouse #enjoynordjylland 🥰
🍹Thanks again for a fantastic SNIGBAR with high spirits, live music🎼 and lovely happy guests 😍 😁 Suddenly the rain came down in bars and then you moved even closer together under the parasols 🌧️🌈 Yesterday was the last PRE-SUMMER SNIGBAR 😳😫 But FEAR NOT 😎 Keep an eye on our FB and IG for we POPPER UP with SNIGBAR 🥂🍹and nice events during the summer holidays 🌞🌴 #guesthouselæsø #læsø #SNIGBAR #sommerferie
🏠The apartment is available this weekend 🫶👀👋🏻 If you're thinking about going on a trip, head over to us 🎯⛴️🏝️ Our hotel apartment is available, we have SNIGBAR tomorrow and the weather is GORGEOUS 👙🌞 Hi there - Can you hear that someone is feeling HOT 😂
A bike ride to the jetty, an evening dip and a sunset - so simple and so beautiful 😌 GuestHouse Læsø is 8 minutes on foot from the jetty and even less minutes if you are by bike 🚴#læsø #guesthouselaesoe #guesthouse #sunset #sunset #sommerferie #badebro #overnatninglæsø #drömesteder #nordjylland
Tomorrow is Friday and that means SNIGBAR🥂on the terrace in front of GuestHouse Læsø ⛱️🌞The weather MUST be with us because we have a private event in the Dining Room tomorrow eftermiddag☕️🕊️🥰If it's a little chilly, we will find soft blankets and put coffee over for Irish 🍹 The serving tomorrow is crispy cod bites and beautiful white wine 🐟🍾 We have a few rooms available for the weekend if you are itching to visit us and Læsø 💋 🛌1x single room a' 850,-🛌2x double rooms a' 1150,- Hope to see you for a lovely weekend ⛴️⛴️⛴️
Have you booked your summer vacation? 🌞We have some gaps in the calendar yet 🐚Book online or call me if you need me to check the calendar 🤓💋Pleased Tina/ GuestHouse Læsø
Happy Sunday here from GuestHouse Læsø 😍
🧁🤸‍♂️DROP-IN YOGAWALK & AFTERNOON TREAT🧁🤸‍♂️I In connection with our mini-retreat July 1-4, you have the opportunity to participate in the yoga activities even if you are not staying at GuestHouse Læsø. 📞Please register with Tina at GuestHouse Læsø on tel. 81888707
🥐🤸‍♂️DROP-IN MORNING YOGA & MORNING BREAKFAST🥐🤸‍♂️I In connection with our mini-retreat July 1-4, you have the opportunity to participate in the yoga activities even if you do not stay at GuestHouse Læsø. 📞Please register with Tina at GuestHouse Læsø on tel. 81888707
NEW TO SNIGBAR ☕️🧊😋Come to SNIGBAR tomorrow at 15-18 and enjoy a delicious iced coffee w/syrup. Choose between caramel and vanilla ☺️ kr. 40,- Today's serving tomorrow is canapes & bubbles 🍾If the weather is bad we move the SNIGBAR into our lovely dining room 😉 Come happy 😍
🏡Our beautiful and newly renovated apartment is available this week 👏🛌 There is room for 6 people and of course you can use all facilities at GuestHouse Læsø when you stay in the apartment 🫶🛌 3 double rooms 🛋️Køkken living room with large sofa and TV 📺🚽Guest toilet 🚿Bathroom with double shower 🪴Private terrace Sounds great right? 😍 And already from tomorrow there is a clearing in the weather 🩱👙🌞#læsø #guesthouselæsø @visitlaesoe #dreamplaces @enjoynordjylland #overnight #øferie #laesoe #overnatninglæsø #weekend #holiday
🎉🍸GIRLS NIGHT OUT😍🍾💋Find your makeup box, jewelry box and your finest outfit👠 and put BIG ❌ in the calendar Friday 27/9 for GIRLS NIGHT at GuestHouse Læsø. You will be pampered with bubbles, 2 course menu, and the BEAUTIFUL Marius Grønkjær on guitar! 🥳Marius is a well-known face on the music scene and we are so EXCITED that he will now play with us🎸🎤🍸🍹We open the bar with a SURPRICE bartender who will take care of you all night🤩⏰The doors open at. 18.00 and dining is at 19.00🍽💰Welcome bubbles, 2 courses and music by Marius kr. 395,-💰Drinks can be purchased at the bar🥂🍻🍷🥃🍸🍹🍹🍾🛌Supplies available for purchase ifbm. GIRLS NIGHT ONLY DKK 800,- for 1 double room excl. breakfast. Call 81888707 for booking. 🎯SIGN UP by SMS to tel. 81888707 on a first come, first served basis. ..... and SORRY GUYS - It's GIRLS ONLY😍💋 We look forward to seeing you! Tina & Mette!
Pull the plug and come visit us 🐚
🥇 What a weekend 👏🥰🥰🤩 SNIGBAR Friday and private company event Saturday 🍻🎼 The last weekend in May has been very busy 🌞 Thank you wonderful friends and guests It is you who make GuestHouse Læsø come alive 🌈 #guesthouselaesoe #guesthouselæsø #dreamplaces #prettyhotels #snigbar #visitlaesoe #overnatninglæsø #ferie sommerferie @enjoynordjylland @visitlaesoe
🍷SNIGBAR FRIDAY 24/5 at 15.00 - 18.00🍷Tomorrow we again offer SNIGBAR on the terrace in front of GuestHouse Læsø 🌴🌴We have brought home a lovely Californian Pinot Noir as our summer wine. We will serve it tomorrow for Friday's serving which is charcuterie with delicacies from Læsø Slagteren.  Notice the label - we're not sure if the wine is named after us 😅In addition, we have a surprise on the program tomorrow 🎵🎶🎤 which we are looking forward to! We can't wait to see you 😃
🐚🌞Good morning from GuestHouse Læsø🐚🌞Pentecost is at the door and we are SO ready for you ❤️ We have a few rooms left this weekend from Saturday - Sunday and then we have a really good offer for you if you want to see the Pentecost sun dance 🌇 📞📞📞📞Book an overnight stay in a double room for ONLY DKK 800,- from Sunday to Monday - the offer can ONLY be booked by calling Tina directly 🌊 #overnight #læsø #pinse #weekend #holiday #prettyhotels #dreamplaces #visitlæsø
🍻PREMIEREN PÅ SNIGBAR VAR EN GIGANTISK SUCCES🍻 The barmaids are high after yesterday's premiere of SNIGBAR at GuestHouse Læsø 👏👏🍷 The sun shone and the beers foamed 🍻🍻 The support from Læsø residents, our resident guests, our Frederikshavner friends and you who snuck in to SNIGBAR was huge ❤️😍 Thank you - We are proud and humbled that you support us. The next SNIGBAR is Friday 24/5 at 15.00-18.00 where today's serving is charcuterie served with a good glass of wine 🍷Remember that the SNIGBAR is located on the terrace in front of GuestHouse Læsø on Lærkevej 6 😍 The patio is reserved for our resident guests 🧔👩‍💼👧👵
Summer is in sight and on Læsø we enjoy that the weather is with us and that guests are really starting to come 👏🛌❤️ The coming weekends at GuestHouse Læsø offer SNIGBAR and the opportunity to book a massage during the Whitsun weekend! We are already well booked but maybe there is also room for you 🫵😍 If you are considering a trip to Læsø, please call if you have any questions at ☎️ 81888707 or book online at #guesthouselaesoe #guesthouselæsø #læsø #overnight stay #island vacation #droemmesteder #drømmesteder #prettyhotels #guesthouse #ferie
🏝️FERIETID🏝️ Ascension holiday, Whitsun holiday, summer holiday 🤩👏🏝️☀️🛌 The possibilities are many and we are ready for you ❤️ Book online at, write an email to or call Tina at 81888707 ☎️ #guesthouselaesoe #guesthouselæsø #overnatninglæsø #læsø # ferien #sommerferie @visitlaesoe #prettyhotels #guesthouse #drømmesteder #droemmesteder
The apartment at GuestHouse Læsø 🏠🛌❤️👏😍 We are so proud of our apartment and we think it deserves another viewing 👀 The apartment contains; 🥘Kitchen-dining room with new kitchen 🛋️Sofagruppe and smart TV 🛌 3 double bedrooms 🚿Bathroom with double shower 🪴Private terrace 🚽Guest toilet There is room for a total of 6 people and the price is DKK 2000, - per night. (Minimum 2 nights and in weeks 27-31 minimum 1 week) Pssst; The apartment is available the first coming weekend 😍😍😍😍😍 #overnatninglæsø #læsø #visitlæsø @enjoynordjylland @visitlaesoe @vesteroel @cafelaesoe #vacation #weekend #getaway #prettyhotels
LAST MINUTE STAY 5 & 6 april⛴️🍽️🛌 Sleep at GuestHouse Læsø & eat at VesterØL 😍 VesterØL is located just 300m from GuestHouse Læsø with views of the beach and harbor. The stay includes;🍛Evening menu at VesterØL 🛌Accommodation in a double room at GuestHouse Læsø 🥐Breakfast at GuestHouse Læsø SPECIAL OFFER KR. 995,- per man😍Choose Friday - Saturday accommodation, Saturday - Sunday accommodation or treat yourself to a whole weekend⬇️ The stay can only be booked by calling: 81888707Or send an email: 💕#læsø #overnightlæsø #weekend #getaway @visitlaesoe @vesteroel #prettyhotels #foodie #vesterøl #holiday #nordjylland #havdyp
Full houses for cheese tasting 28/3 👏🥂 Once again BIG thanks for supporting and participating in our cheese tasting of Arla Unika cheeses with @sanneoda as our knowledgeable cheese guide 🧀 Thank you for a great evening and ENJOY the rest of Easter 🐣 #læsø #visitlæsø #øferie #weekend #getaway #prettyhotels #nordjylland #enjoynordjylland @arlaunika
Long mornings, breakfast in bed 🥐Who do you dream of spending Easter vacation with? #ferieidanmark #læsø #prettyhotels #øferie #overnight stay #weekend #læsø #laesoe
Easter is just around the corner and if you haven't made up your mind yet, here are three quick reasons why you MUST come to Læsø (and stay at GuestHouse Læsø) ➡️Ta amber hunting on one of our many beaches 🌊 ➡️Nyd A cold dip - maybe followed by a steaming hot sauna 🔥➡️VesterØL FINALLY opens again 🍽️ Book online, call or write - We are happy to help you out on good experiences and food adventures 🥩 #visitlæsø #easter #guesthouselæsø #læsø #laesoe #overnatninglæsø #prettyhotels #laesoe #overnatning
With us, you can borrow bathrobes free of charge in your room, for the outdoor shower or the sea 🌊 #guesthouselæsø #læsø #visitlæsø #øferie #weekend #getaway #prettyhotels #nordjylland #enjoynordjylland
It smells like summer today ☀️🤩 This year we are ready to welcome you when you want a vacation ⛱️🛌 We are open all year round and that way we are already well underway 🏃☎️📩🧺 Are you also planning a trip to Læsø and maybe a stay at GuestHouse Læsø? Book online at or call me (Tina, aka GuestHouse Mutter) on tel 81888707 ☀️ Summer bookings are coming in slowly ☎️📞🏨😄 #læsø #laesoe #holiday #sommerferie #sommerferie #øferie #getaway #weekend #prettyhotels #guesthouse #guesthouselæsø @visitlaesoe @enjoynordjylland
🐣EASTER STAY🐣We can't guarantee full sun all Easter, but we dare to promise that Læsø shines even when it's cold! ❄️Vi We have once again teamed up with the lovely Kamilla from VesterØL and offer a 2-day stay with extra relaxation, fresh air, raw Læsønatur, long walks and hot spicy food on the plate in the evening in the beautiful rooms in VesterØl☀️☀️☀️Påskeophold from Saturday 30/3 - Monday 1/4Includes 2 x accommodation in double room, bubbles on arrival, 2 x dinner, 2 x breakfast and picnic basket Sunday 🧺Check in Saturday at 16.00 in a double room with private bath & toilet - Bubbles in the room on arrival. 18.30 there is a full experience evening at VesterØL with Moroccan dinner. 🫕🍜🥗Breakfast from 8.00 am on Sunday morning. 🍇🥐12:00 Picnic basket with lunch and tips for good walks in the neighborhood 🕯️🤍18:30 dish of the day at Vesterøl 🫶🏻🫕Breakfast from 8:00 Monday morning and check-out at 10:00🛌Sounds like something for you? Then hurry up and book ❤️📩Price per person DKK 1640,- in total 💰The offer is for 2 people in a shared double room and drinks at VesterØl are not included in the price. Book online at or call 81888707 ☎️#læsø #Easter #holiday #vacation #winter swimming @enjoynordjylland @visitlaesoe #prettyhotels #øferie #getaway #laesoe